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Does Your Dog Run & Hide During Storms?

dog in scarf laying down

He may be suffering from Storm Anxiety.

We’ve had a series of thunderstorms here in North Texas over the last few weeks that has my poor Willow in a panic. Before I see the rain or hear the thunder, she comes to find me, looking for solace. I’ve learned to trust her and begin “Thunder Protocol” as soon as she begins to show signs of anxiety. If I know in advance, I’ll deploy our Thunder Protocol before the storm comes knocking at the door. If you can prepare your pooch before the storm comes, she’ll handle it much better. Just like when your treating pain, counter measures work better if you can get ahead of the problem.

Our standard Thunder Protocol:

1.) We deploy the ThunderShirt. A ThunderShirt is designed to comfort your dog much like a swaddling blanket can comfort a baby. It’s designed to wrap snugly around your dog’s torso, holding it in an ongoing hug. This ongoing pressure can calm an anxious dog. It seems to help with Willow. One word of caution: this is for temporary use, so try not to keep it on for any longer than needed. The ThunderShirt can be hot and uncomfortable is worn for days at a time.
2.) We also like to use Adaptil spray. Adaptil is a product that mimics the mother dog’s calming pheromones. It comes in a spray, which lasts for 4 hours, a plug-in for localized, long-term calming, and a disposable collar for that last’s for 30 days and goes wherever the dog goes. We like to spray Adaptil on a bandana that Willow can wear while she’s heading into a stormy period.
3.) Our most recent addition has been canine CBD. As Willow has gotten older, her storm anxiety has gotten stronger. In response, we’ve added CBD to her Thunder Protocol. This helps her sleep more soundly through the thunder. Talk with your local CBD dealer to find the best fit and dosage for your dog.

Good luck to you and your anxious pup! As always, if you have questions, you can always reach us at